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Arc of Iris

Project role: Co-Director, Level Designer, Narrative Designer, Sound Designer

Showcased at Indie Bits 2019

Download Here

Arc of Iris is a tragic alternate retelling of the Titanomachy in which Iris, the goddess of rainbows, is cast into Hades as punishment for her sister Arke's betrayal of the Greek gods. She must gather the last remaining fragments of her power scattered across the underworld and use them to traverse the realms of Hades. Meanwhile, an ominous presence warns her of further disaster should she persevere.​


I produced this game in grad school with my friend Mariana Cacique over the course of a semester (about 4 months). This process included rapid iteration, prototyping, and playtesting of various ideas to hone our concept. Working in a pair was also a valuable exercise in the importance of open communication on a team.

Arc of Iris Trailer

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