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Sun Seeker

Project Role: Narrative Designer, Sound Designer

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Sun Seeker was produced in August 2023 during the Women's Game Jam Canada with the theme of "Switching Perspectives." My team and I tackled this theme by showing visions of the past through objects the player discovers in the present. Inspired by the Fallout series and the film Wall-E, the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the atmosphere above ground is too toxic to withstand for long. You, the Sun Seeker, must brave this world anyway in an effort to bring life back to the surface.

I had never participated in a game jam before 2023, but the lessons I took from the process were invaluable. On teamwork, I learned that a good team will rally to support you and find solutions if you communicate honestly about your challenges. On game design, I realized that it's my responsibility as a narrative designer to let the story change with the game. I have struggled to do this in the past since story is my primary motivator in games, but working in the time-crunched conditions of a game jam showed me that when something isn't working, changing the story is often the best thing to do to keep development going quickly and smoothly.

Screenshot 2024-03-25 171103.png

Sun Seeker, noble sufferer. You hold in your hands a sacred plant, in your heart a hallowed vow. This wounded, vengeful world will taint you. That much is inevitable. But you, brave wanderer, may heal it--leave it kinder to those who come after.

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